Art, Music & Literature of Austria

This page links to articles on culture, society and poltics of Austria. Please note that this section does not include articles on Austrian society, politics and social culture. For articles on these subjects, please see the section on "Culture, Politics & Society".

On Fine Arts & Architecture of Austria

Wiener Sezession School of Painting
Gustav Klimt & The Wiener Sezession
Egon Schiele & Oskar Kokoschka
Adolf Loos & Modern Architecture
Wiener Aktionismus / Vienna Actionism
Wiener Moderne / Vienna Modernism
Introduction to Austrian Baroque
Lukas von Hildebrandt & Baroque Architecture
Fischer von Erlach & Baroque Architecture
Vienna School of Phantastic Realism

On Austria's Musical Legacy

The Viennese Classic: Wiener Klassik
Classical Composers: Joseph Haydn
Classical Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Classical Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven
Viennese Classic, Romanticism and Austria
Arnold Schoenberg & the "Second Vienna School": Part I & II
Music Universities of Austria
Best of Fest: Austrian Music Festivals
An Introduction to Vienna Waltz
A Guide to the Musician's Flats in Vienna

Experience Austria through Literature

Introduction & Background: Middle Ages to 18th century
Proper Austrian Literature begins: 19th century mainstream
Symbolism, Impressionism, Expressionism: Anti-naturalism
Written Words between WWI & WWII
Literature under Nazi Rule & Post-War writing
Beyond the Nazi-trauma: Recent & contemporary writers

Reading Austria: Which Books to Choose for Travelling

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